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Having the ability to travel extensively is a fantasy for a lot of folks, and it sounds even more attractive if your life has been determined more by variables you cannot really control. Your boss is in a foul mood most mornings once you put into get the job done? Your neighbors whisper behind your back as your yard does not fulfill the criteria of this area? All of your buddies talk about is that will find a divorce and that only purchase a larger car although he cannot actually afford it?

The idea to escape from everything and to have the ability to place your own time tables and priorities only seems the more attractive, the control concerning the elements that determine your lifetime you’ve got. But few people can afford to travel for weeks or years…

And should you earn money writing to reside off when you’re traveling? The answer to your issue, a fantasy comes true? Yes and no.

I’ve been traveling South America for a few years, exploring and writing travel guides. It was with no doubt that the most exciting period of my life. Because I was traveling with myself it as simple to get to know new people and I am still connected with a few travelers from throughout the world. I met my husband on this trip and therefore came to reside together in Spain. I heard lots of helpful things, such as not letting myself becoming impressed with South American Machismo, standing up for myself personally, beating anxieties – in summary: that trip changed my life in more than one manner.

However there were drawbacks too. You’ve got to have the ability to inspire yourself, in the event that you truly wish to create a living at the same time you travel. There will not be a boss to tell you each second of this day what you’ve got to do. That is fine, obviously! However you’ll still have to get things done, so that you better get yourself organized. And you need to be ready to put in over the eight hours each day you’d do in your job in your home. Much like whatever you will do freelancing at Blog for Travelers you need to be ready to work hard – that’s not actually a problem, however, since you’ll do something you love! At least, that’s how it was for me personally.

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